Mint Conditioning v1

This is what we do best.

Mint Conditioning is one to one or small group exercise conditioning. A simple and realistic approach to making you healthier, sexier, and more energetic.



– One on one
– Group
– Tailored to you
– Your goals
– Your needs
– Your desires



– Exercise plan
– Nutrition plan
– Goals plan
– Set plan with your Mint Conditioner



– Yearly goals
– Quarterly goals
– Monthly goals
– Weekly goals

All set out and put in your pack with your Mint Conditioner.

“The Mint Yard is a cool environment where everyone feels like friend or family”

– James

“Elliot is an extremely professional and knowledgeable Personal Trainer and he really knows how the body works”

– Sara

We believe in looking at the bigger picture. We believe in making each session an amazing experience. You will experience this through a journey discovering the fun, the passion and the enthusiasm we have for helping you. The results are outstanding.

Your Journey

Mint Conditioning is designed to take you on a journey of everything you have ever wanted and more. 

Health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing.

We give you all the tools you need to become healthier.

Your Mint Conditioning sessions are there for you to learn your exercise routine, discover how to improve your nutrition and set a plan to achieve your goals.

We look at the big picture of how to guarantee you feel sexier, fitter, healtheir and happier.

Everything you will do is based on making sure you can play with your kids, have energy at work, and enjoy a night with your friends without worrying about what you eat.

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Make everything you do AMAZING

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