Welcome to our premium pack, designed to get you to smash through your goal in the shortest time possible. 


Mint Conditioning 

– Premium 12 Hours of Mint Conditioning 
– Premium welcome service each session
– Premium Mint Conditioner for you
– Everything you want from Personal Training and more

Expert Nutrition

Your food should be enjoyed. It something we love and we want you to share our passion.

 Learn what foods work best for you
– Learn to make small adjustments for massive results
 Learn more from weekly nutrition chats
– Leave each session with a smoothie, or a coffee, or anything you need to recover


Unlimited Classes

We want people to be physicall, mentally, and scoially healthy. 

Our classes are the one of the best opportunities to meet new people. 

Enjoy an endless amount of our classes. 

Premium Welcome Box 

This is not a normal welcome box. This box gives you everything you need to make sure you smash through your goals. 

More than any other package, enjoy. 


Top Level Rewards

Points of course make prizes. The more points to get from attending sessions, achieving your goals, attending 10 sessions on the trot, and much more will get you closer to receiving a reward of your choice.

Mint Events

The Mint Yard hosts a number of different events. Anything from a night at the local pub to attending a football game or a bike ride. 

All included free in your pack. 



A host of different seminar days throughout the year ranging from physio’s to chefs, athletes to barista’s. Anyone and everyone is welcome. 

All included in your pack. Anything you may want to learn, let us know. 

Kitchen Fix Up

You will be taken shopping, shown what you need to look for, any little gadgets, and anything that we will need to show you how to use in your own kitchen. 
You will be given an online shop, so each week you just have to click buy. 

Time to get rid of those naughty treats…


“Elliot Chudleigh’s knowledge of the human body and the effect of exercise and nutrition is second to none. His training and food plans have seen me personally through the toughest of times, leaving me stronger and fighting!”

– Ali

“The training and programmes he has drawn up over that time are both innovative and appropriate for what I want to achieve, and we review them regularly (I’m never bored!)”

– Jon



The most premium package perfectly designed for you. This will boost your ability to reach your target by 127%. This programme is only available to a select few. 

We want to make sure we help the ones who really want this so we dedicate our time to YOU. Apply online to see if you are right for this pack. 

Included in this incredible life changing pack are;

– 12 sessions per month

– Unlimited classes

– Weekly nutrition assessment 

– Mint Members box, which includes

  – Welcome pack 

  – T-shirt

  – Water bottle

  – Towel 

  – Shorts/Leggings 

  – Discount for various sports shops 

  – Running arm band 

  – Ruck sack 

  – Headphones 

  – Private Facebook group 

  – Reward scheme 

  – Coffee/Tea after each workout 

  – Smoothie after each workout

  – Seminar day included

  – Event day included 

How to Find Out More

This package gives you everything you could ever want from your health and fitness. We have limited the number of spaces for this exclusive pack. 
To find out about becoming an exclusive member, fill in your details below to see if you would be a great fit for this pack.