Semi-Private Conditioning

Semi-private Mint Conditioning

Faster results, in shorter time

“Success is about consistency. Consistent Hard Work Gains Success”

– Dwayne Johnson

Semi-private Mint Conditioning allows you to have all the benefits of a top level Mint Conditioner in a group of 2-4 people, each working through your individual program that has been set out with your Mint Conditioner to ensure you reach your goal.

Tailored Programs

A tailored workout plan will be set to help you achieve your goal with your Mint Conditioner.

Tailored Nutrition

A tailored nutrition plan will be set for you to follow exactly to your needs.

Buzzing Motivation

With other members in with you, enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the 3 people with you.


It’s always more fun to work out with other people around you. Have a laugh, work hard, enjoy it. 

Monthly Reviews

Each month sit down with your Mint Conditioner to review your progress towards your goals.

Faster Results

We aim to ensure you are always working to a goal. Every three months new goals will be set. 

The Benefit

Semi-private Conditioning allows you to work hard towards your goal, with more people around you to hold you accountable. Expand your social network and enjoy working out with other people around you. 

This is what will make you healthier, fitter, and enjoy your workouts much, much more. 

  • Book online
  • Meet new friends
  • Increase your motivation
  • Increase your time with a Conditioner 
  • Cut the cost
  • More motivation
  • Faster results

“If you put in the work, the results will come”

Michael Jordan


per session


1 session per week

£95 per month

per session


2 sessions per week

£180 per month

per session


3 sessions per week

£245 per month

per session


4 sessions per week 

£290 per month

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