Carve Classes


The most effective workout, using as many muscles through as many joints as we can. Increase your energy expenditure through a workout to put your body in an energy deficit to build lean muscle and drop body fat percentage in one.


Increase the time you put your muscles under tension to increase your lactic acid threshold. Including drop sets, burn sets and more to improve your muscle definition.

Met Con

Stands for metabolic conditioning. Increase your metabolic rate so you will be burning fat day and night. Simples.


The hypertrophy session is there to build lean muscle and increase your energy expenditure by gaining muscle size. That doesn’t just mean bigger, it means toned defined muscles for a carved body.

Power Plyo

Plyometric movements, but with added strength of weights. Combined with squats and other movements, the power plyo becomes one of the most effective lean muscle gain classes. Fast movements with little time on the ground, this is one where you will really be pushed.