The Classes

When does the 2 Week challenge/Trial start?

Your 2 week trial starts on the day of your first session, not the day you purchase the pack.

What happens if I don’t feel well in a class?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. If it’s your first class, pace yourself and let your instructor know. If you don’t feel well let your instructor know.

What’s best if I have an injury?

If you’re injured, give us a call before and we will guide you to which would be best.

what’s Best if I’m Unfit?

Perfect, these classes are designed for you. But, if you are worried for your first class, we recommend going to a strength class on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. They’re a little bit slower and focus on technique.

The Yard

What Do I wear?

Come in gym clothes that are breathable. Also make sure you have sports trainers on. We don’t allow for barefoot or unstable trainers.

What do I bring?

Just yourself, a water bottle filled with water (no fizzy stuff), and a towel just incase you need it.

Is there Parking

Yep. Lots of parking right out the front of our building.

Are there showers?

Nope, we focus on getting you fit.

I’ve seen your sign, but where are you from there?

Directly opposite. Follow the line of the arrows and we are down a little track in between two houses. You’ll see our flag at the end.


What happens if i cancel a class?

We have a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within the 12 hours you will be charged at £10 per class cancellation.

What happens if i don’t show up?

We know life gets busy and traffic is a nightmare. But let us know as if you don’t show up, you will be charged at £10. If you do 2 in a row of late cancellations by call or text, you will there on be charged.


How DO i sign up?

Use the link above to book your Free first session. After that you can use the links to sign up to whichever membership you would like. All options are listed on the page.

What’s your contract cancellation policy?

But we don’t want to see you go… Let us know 5 days before your next payment goes out by email to elliot@themintyard.com stating you would like to cancel.

When Am I charged?

You are charged on the date of purchase of your pack.

Can I get a refund?

We offer no refunds.