Frame Classes


Move your frame through the circuit of full body movements. The varied lengths of stations combined with the mix of upper and lower body will burn fat and increase fitness levels.


Short intense bursts of workouts. Using different principles from Tabata to sprint intervals work on your recovery time in between each exercise. This will dramatically improve your fitness levels.


Use bands to work your body that little bit harder to keep your muscles guessing with the varied resistance. Amazing workout to learn before hitting the compound workouts. Learn these exercise so you can do a workout anywhere just with a band.


Resist against your fatigue, increase your mental strength, these longer intervals are there to test your mind, body and grit. You’ll see your stamina improve with every cardio workout.


The less time you spend on the ground, the more rest time you have. From bounding to jumping and throwing, these carefully selected exercises will increase your reaction speed and produce rapid fat loss.