How would you feel if you couldn’t wear your Dior dress?

The most annoying thing in the world would be to have a Lamborghini and not drive it. You’re only allowed to look at it.


Or to have an amazing bottle of wine just for your cabinet.


Or the perfect Dior dress just to look at.


Would you be annoyed if you were only allowed that?


Thought so. But that is exactly what it is like when you are paying for training sessions, but only doing a workout during that one hour. Or completely messing up your eating.


What’s the point?


Sure, it’s not for everyone.


But when you start your workout journey you clearly wanted to make a change. There is something there driving you forward that you don’t like.


But it’s something not strong enough to stop you from eating crap or just not doing anything.


I hope this comes as a hard hitting thing.


Because you want to change. You hear it all the time, “I wish I could look like this…” or “I wish I could wear that…”  the thing is you can. You’re the only thing stopping yourself.


Yep, it’s hard. Yep, its gonna take work. And YES it means giving things up that you know you like.


But do you really want to change?


If you don’t, that’s fine. But do not ever think for one moment it is down to your training. Or it’s down to something else.


It is entirely down to you.


The moment you realise that, is the moment you will start to change.


How annoyed do you get at your child who doesn’t do their homework and fails the test? Very?


Because you said to them about a test coming up, they need to revise, they need to do their homework. But they still didn’t do it and failed. Whose fault is that?




No there’s.


Now look at yourself.


Are you in the shape you want to be in? Are you as healthy as you want to be?


If not, you only have yourself to blame. Stop saying you haven’t got time, make time. If you’re getting up after 6:30am and moaning you haven’t got time, you need to change. If you keep saying “but you don’t understand…” well guess what…


I don’t want to understand. Because all that will come out is a load of excuses about why you can’t do it.


I know people in amazing shape who work two jobs, push themselves every day to make a difference and still run around after their kids.


It’s not because no one else understands.


It’s because you’re lazy.


Stop looking for someone or something else to blame. Take it upon yourself to make a change.

Elliot Chudleigh