The Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

With today’s media there is a ton of information out there that is a load of BS.


You see things on social media about how you should be, how you shouldn’t be, what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat. My favourites are the ones where people tell others what exercises will work and what others won’t when they have no idea what they’re doing.


You have gurus out there who will make you millions of ££’s over night as they take a picture next to a random plane and pretend its theirs.


People who will copy another profile and again pretend its theirs. Then advise on what is best to change their body etc.


Crazy, crazy world.


But amongst most of the things you see on social media. One of the things I find funniest is the information people are given about their health and fitness.


So if you’re over weight, struggling to lose fat or are just starting your journey, let me outline some of the myths about being overweight.


1.     It’s your fault


It’s not your fault. You have been given wrong information for years and years. There is too much crap out there that fogs your brain, so you end up with a load of contradicting information.

2.     What the food says is right


Just because something says it is a superfood salad, it doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest salad there. Heck it doesn’t even mean you should be having a salad at all.

Marketing departments of shopping places are amazing with what they can do. Put superfood on anything and people buy it assuming its good for you.

3.     You need to do light weights high reps.


You don’t. Sure, there is a ton of ways which you can lose weight. But you don’t have to do the high reps light weight crap people go on about. If you’re starting out just go to the gym and do whatever you fancy.

Get a trainer to show you round, understand how to do a few things. Then do the things you love repeatedly until you decide you want to change.

Not doing anything is far worse.

4.     Running is bad for your knees when you’re heavy.

Yep, you’re right. But then so is walking, so is standing, so is a lot of other things.

If you enjoy doing your exercise outside. Go and do a run or a walk. You will run or walk where your body feels comfortable. If your knees do start hurting, then go slower or have a little rest.

Everyone’s knees will hurt at some point, if it’s going to get you out, do it.

5.     I need to do long runs to lose the weight

Nope. Do Intervals.

Whether that’s walking, running, cycling, rowing… whatever. Do intervals.

6.     “If I don’t eat it will make me lose weight”

Yep, you will. But you will also be super unhealthy, unhappy and you will not ever be able to last doing that and will therefore binge out on crap instead.

Don’t aim to not eat. Keep it as simple as energy in vs energy out. Use more energy than you bring in.

Don’t eat crap food, but eat just under the amount of calories you’re burning in a day.

7.     Carbohydrates are bad.

Yep, you’re right.

They are bad if you’re stuffing yourself full of chips, bread, crisps, white pasta and other stuff like that each day.

Eat complex carbohydrates, sweet potato, whole grains things like that instead. You really need carbohydrates to survive. Don’t cut them out.

So really, they’re not bad at all. You really need them for brain power.

8.     “Gin has no calories so that will be alright tonight”

No, no, NO!!

One of my big no no’s. First of all, alcohol should only EVER be consumed on a Friday and Saturday night.

Even if you’re thinking in your head “but it’s nice to have wine with a roast on a Sunday.” No. Take it seriously or not at all.

Alcohol Anonymous’ famous saying is – We Don’t Do Half Measures

Either do it, or not at all. It’s not about the calories in the drink it’s about what the drink does to you.


So you can stop following a ton of stuff on social media, magazines and anywhere else that is wrong. You can book yourself in for a session below to find out the right way.

Elliot Chudleigh