6 Ways to hold yourself accountable

There are always three parts to changing your workouts…


1.     The workout itself

2.     The nutrition

3.     The accountability


Number one is pretty obvious. If you wanna change then you have to start doing hard workouts where you are gonna push yourself. You don’t get a great body, reduce body fat or generally make yourself feel better by not exercising.


Number two, also pretty obvious. You’ve gotta be putting the right things in to fuel yourself or you’re not gonna be able to have the energy to do your intense workouts. If you’re going to be feeding yourself with crap, expect crap returns from it.


But the final one… accountability. Most of the time this is the one that gets neglected the most.


You become all pumped up, you’ve got your new Nike’s, you’ve got your new sweaty betty kit. You’ve signed up to the gym, and you’re off.


That is until Monday evening comes around, you’re still a little hungover from the Saturday before, it’s raining, it’s been a long day at work and yet you still have to feed the kids, sort them out then go to the gym.


Yep, it’s going to be a hard push to get there.


So you know what, one night won’t hurt to rest a little and not go…




That is where you need the accountability to make sure you’re still going. If you had a friend you were meeting at the gym, you wouldn’t let them down.


But if you’re going by yourself it’s easy to give up.


The simplest thing, make sure you have someone there. And, even if you’re on this journey on your own steam, go to classes, go to semi-private training. Anything so there is someone there to hold you accountable.


Even then it will still be hard to get there most nights, but then you have someone on your back pushing and making sure you are there.


The best ways to make sure you have an accountability partner…

1.     Get a PT – an easy way to make sure you are going to be hitting your workouts

2.     Go to a class – mix your classes up. If you’re looking for weight loss do a HIIT class. Don’t go for the easy option of thinking yoga is good for weight loss…

3.     Do semi-private training – all the benefits of doing a PT session just in a group where you will have more people around you to have fun with too.

4.     Download an app – there are a ton of training apps out there that will remind you of your upcoming workout. It’ll make you feel guilty if you don’t.

5.     Post it on social – when you check in every time into the gym, it’s something people may get annoyed with, but who cares. Then you have to make a difference so next time you see them they see the difference too

6.     Join a group – Facebook group, mates groups, anything. Just where you have to post or say you’ve done your workout.


The main thing, is get people on your case so you can’t let them down.


You’ll be guaranteed to win.

Elliot Chudleigh