What to do to survive a desert island

Let’s imagine you have 6 months before you move to your own private desert island.


But, one catch, you can only take 5% of your possessions.


So what would you do in those 6 months?


Get rid of cars, clothes you don’t need, tv’s, lawnmower, dishwasher, phone (maybe?)… but you could get it down quite easily right?


But what else would you do in those 6 months?


Two ways which people would go.

1.     Get super fit and heathy ready for the challenge

2.     Go out and party because you know it won’t happen again for a while

But let’s look at the bigger picture of that. Really you could live with 95% less of the stuff you have. And really it wouldn’t affect you much.


So if we apply that to everything else you can easily live without things. Your food for an example, you don’t need to chocolate, the alcohol or the other crap you feed yourself.


You can say you need all this “stuff”, but that is all it is, “stuff.”


You don’t need a chocolate bar every day. Heck, you don’t even need one twice per week.


You can say you’re going to reduce the amount you have, but I believe you should just go cold turkey (not literally, the figure of speech cold turkey).


It’s not going to kill you. If you say “but at least let me have one bar” just means you are that weak and that lazy not to be able to stick to this simple task.


I think employers shouldn’t look at resumes, but they should ask the persons gym what their attendance is like and what they do in any classes.


As Alcoholics Anonymous say – We Don’t Do Half Measures.


Live by that. You’re either in it to lose fat, or you’re not. Your choice.  

Elliot Chudleigh