Sonya’s Story Part 2

I should be a fan of weekends with my little family but I just find the whole thing challenging.. Friday has always been traditionally bottle of wine and a Chinese, however I ditched the wine for a cup of tea (I know impressive eh!). A Chinese was eaten but just the one dish as opposed to the whole flaming menu. The weather was pure pants so Sunday was spent in with bored children demanding cbeebies and biscuits 😩.. it’s that kinda day, comfort eating, dangerous zone for me and unlike the rest of the world as much as I’m dreading the bashing I’m getting from jacqui on Monday morning I’m looking forward to my weekday routine. Roll on bedtime.. so fricking hardcore!!

Monday’s session was hard.. I knew it would be as I had a lot of hiit in there but being the knob I am i got myself in a state .. couldn’t control my breathing and started to panic.. jacqui was on hand to calm myself down  though and went through a breathing technique with me, helped loads and my colour soon returned to that of a living person.

Difficult day at work Thursday, I’m not best known for restraint .. however it was a charity day and everyone brought in cake.. we are talking a lot of cake,  I sat there with my coffee and no plate, I wanted to face plant the Vicky sponge and bitch slap those stuffing their lovely little faces , this aside I did it, I walked away with any empty pissed of tummy and returned to my desk .. high five moment I feel 🙌🏻!

So it’s Friyayy.. a lot of arm and core work and still aching like a bitch from Wednesday’s core day, my balance was all over the show and I had a fit hysterical moments of random laughter but I think this is due to the meds I’m taking to prevent this evil ass migraine wanting to attack .. on the plus side the session kinda went in a blink of an eye .. even the hit didn’t phase me today.  Home and sore and now the madness of trying to get kids to work and school before I start work ... I may just need that glass of something fizzy tonight!! Happy weekend peeps 😊

Elliot Chudleigh