Do you have to exercise when on a diet?



There should be no other discussion….





However, the aim of a diet is not always to lose weight. You won’t ever be happy because there is always the next step to go.


You could always lose a little more weight. You could always be a little bit smaller.


So, it’s the journey that you fall in love with otherwise you just keep yo-yo dieting. Losing weight then putting it straight back on again.


By not exercising you may lose fat, but your body is still going to be in pieces. I’m sure you know of someone who is older and not much fat on them but can barely move. They haven’t done any exercise.


They may have eaten well, but that is not going to help with your mobility through your joints. Which is essential to keep blood flowing well and will prevent blood pooling.


Unless you’re ready to not be able to move when you’re old, then cool. Don’t do exercise.


The other thing is the mental effect exercise has on you.


You feel so much better after exercise that you want to continue and do more and more of it. There is not ever anything fun about eating a leaf.


Exercise is scientifically proven to help fight depression. You need to exercise to make yourself feel better, build your self-esteem, confidence and so much more.


Which, on a very small scale if you are dieting you are clearly not happy about your body. Therefore you could say you are a little depressed about it. One major influence on that is… exercise.


As well as all of the above, your heart health has to be one of the main things you do any exercise for. Whether it’s strength training, cardio training, yoga, or any other form of exercise, your heart is getting better conditioned.


You must look after your heart.


By going on a diet, you are not thinking about your heart health at all.


As much as people can say it’s a holistic approach or whatever. It’s not. It’s plain simple.


To lose fat and be healthy. Move more eat less crap.


Don’t overcomplicate it.  

Elliot Chudleigh