The best way to lose fat while you sleep

Yep, it’s true, you really can lose fat while you sleep.


But it’s what you do before you go to sleep that makes the difference.


The best way to do it is not doing the usual thing you would think and do a long slow run. It’s the most common thing to see people doing in the gym all the time. Jumping on the treadmill and doing a dead boring run (which I have never seen anyone look like they’re enjoying) is not going to make you lose fat while you sleep.


The best thing is to break out from what you would normally do.


The thing to make you lose fat while you sleep is to do weights followed by HIIT.




HIIT is the “in” thing apparently at the moment. But in reality it’s been around for years and years. All you’re doing is sprints. Nothing else.


Sure you can sugar coat it and tell people to do a star jump, squat thrusts, or whatever else they come up with. But all you need to do is intense periods of work with periods of rest.


It doesn’t matter who is telling you to do what on social media or in any magazine, just work your arse off then give short rest.


For the weights, you do want to be doing free weights and you do really want to be pushing yourself. It’s not something you can do half heartedly. As Alcoholics Anonymous say “we don’t do half measures.”


Work hard and push yourself with each session.


The science-y bit behind it. when you lift weights followed by intervals your body is in a burn state for the next 12 hours.


Usually when you would do a run on the treadmill you would burn calories when you’re doing the run. Whereas doing weights followed by intervals you’ll be burning for the next 12 hours.




Combine that with a good food plan where you’re not just eating what you want when you want, you’ll be on to a winner.

Elliot Chudleigh