Change your mood in an instant

I love my music.


I sometimes think I can be annoying because I play music all the time. It makes it even worse having an Alexa where it will connect to the phone and you can tell it to play whatever you want.


 It’s the impact it has on you and your mood.


I believe music can solve a load of situations or make them ten times worse. For example, if someone is coming in for a training session and you can tell they’ve had a bad day at work. The last thing that I do is play my usual favourite of Techno.


I’ll play something more light hearted instead where I know it will kick them out of their bad mood.


If we look at Conor McGregor over the weekend (who got beat by a nutter), his entrance song is a mash up between an Irish song and Biggie Smalls Hypnotize. The same with any martial arts athlete walking into the ring, they listen to something super aggressive that will try to show off their “bad” attitude.


Me, I’d listen to something that would just keep me relaxed and excited. I’d probably walk into my favourite song, Stevie Wonder ‘Superstition’. It would completely throw off the opponent they wouldn’t know what to think.


But that’s what I think you should do with anything.


You don’t always need to be listening to the norm or doing what everyone else does. It’s alright to be smashing out 1 rep max squats while listening to Taylor Swift. But on the other hand, it’s perfectly acceptable to be listening to Hip Hop while doing a relaxing yoga.


In life you should do whatever it is you want. You shouldn’t be a sheep and follow the crowd. The same with your music taste when working out, listen to what you want. Then you’ll love working out because you associate it with something good.


I believe everything you do should have an association, which is why I’m a fan of rituals and habits. The reason why I insist on playing house/dance/techno is because love it or hate it, you’ll associate the upbeat music with your workout at the Yard.


So when you hear the song come on in a club, car, or cab you’ll associate it with a workout.  


The same goes for home workouts. I’m not a fan, I believe in your house you have different areas that you associate with different things.


The kitchen with cooking and socialising, the office, with work, the lounge for chilling, the bathroom for…


But you should ever combine two areas. I don’t agree with taking your laptop to bed. Even if you have a ton of work that needs doing. Do it in your office.


If you try to do a workout at home, you already associate your home with being relaxed, therefore you will never be in the same mood as when you are in a gym.


This is why I believe running playlists, lifting playlists or whatever else you want to do is such a big thing.


Make it something you really look forward to because you have the tracks that will excite you for each session.

Elliot Chudleigh