Everyone has a split personality, here's why...

Music is a major part of most people’s workout. But a lot of the time I think people listen to the wrong music for the situation.


Of course everyone has their own tastes in music. I’m pretty diverse, I do genuinely love a wide variety of music. If I wasn’t for health and fitness, I’d love to think I would be doing something in the music industry.


But when you workout I don’t think you should always go by what you necessarily think you should listen to.


Let me explain…


With your workout, your work, your family, your friends, everything and anything I believe you associate different times, places, sights, sounds and so much more with events and things going on. These different times call for your different personalities. Such as someone watching the football with a group of mates is a different personality to one of a chilled evening in watching X-factor.


You associate different places and senses with different ways for you to react and think.


I never ever, ever, ever take my laptop to bed. I have never and will never sit in bed doing work. Don’t care when or why, I won’t. The bedroom is for relaxing and sleeping. If I get stressed on the laptop trying to sort something out in bed, I associate even slightly that place with the stress.


The same with timings. Sure, having your phone out before bed and the bright glow will wake you up more, but if you do that while lying in bed, your brain thinks when you go to bed time to wake up again and play on your phone. Therefore you struggle when sleeping.


The same is with music. People don’t like a certain type of music like house or dance. And that is exactly why it should be played.


If you hear your favourite track come on, you associate that track with chilling or drinking or whatever else that track reminds you of. If it then starts you off singing along, it distracts your mind from your task at hand, lifting weights.


The same goes for the tracks that are played. If you hear one of the tracks on the radio, you may say “I heard that in the gym the other day…” – track associated with working out. Therefore your mind even slightly has a trigger to maybe eat healthy, think about your posture etc.


It’s all down to these micro-commitments in your brain to the task.


The same goes for personalities. As I said earlier, the person in a group of lads watching football and having beers, is completely different to the person in on a Saturday night with a hot chocolate watching X-factor with their partner.


Same person, different personality for different situation.


Of course there are a load of other factors in there, but it’s the association of the clothes, the food, the smells, everything that gets you ready for any situation.


Therefore different times call for different styles of music. When out running and doing a long slow duration run, I do think you need something you can sing along to and get lost in.


However, when lifting weights in just needs to be a beat that is constant in the background. When concentrating on work, you either have no music at all or complete chill out music. Again complete association with different things, you don’t want to be singing along because you have your job to do.


That’s why I believe everything should have different settings or different zones which you do your work, chill out, listen to music or whatever else. It all has a deeper micro-commitment to it the task or your mindset.

Elliot Chudleigh