Sonya's Storys

Saturday evening I was faced with a Buffett .., this could of been dangerous ground but I watched people like really watched them, I dunno where their fingers have been 😷... that’s the mindset I stuck with to avoid it and sat there nursing my Diet Coke.

I’m panicking a little as I have my weigh and measure this coming week, i know I’ve made some bad choices due to my mood and other crap going on and some would say (Elliot) it’s an exuse .. maybe 🖕 but maybe not lol ...I don’t weigh myself at home but I have a plan in place this week so I’ll let you know if that pays off 😇🤣.

So Monday morning I was told by jacqui with her evil smile that I have a new program in place , this could be good or bad,after today’s session the jury is still out so I’ll have to see how the week goes to decide if this is a welcome change!

I did some new stuff today and stuff I haven’t done in a while, the hiit at the end is always a ball breaker for me and I had to step away for a minute to get my breathing under control but once I stopped being a knob I got myself back in there 😂👍.

I’m really enjoying this new programs so far, lots of weight work, deadlifted a new record today so this made me muchly happy. Did leg up squeeze ass (glute bridge lol) with what felt like a sack of spuds on my tummy , liking the variation so far.

Me weigh and measure wasn’t perfect, I had gained about a pound in 2 weeks, I thought it would b much worse so I’ll take that. I think drinking gallons of water and my smoothies combined with pissing like a racehorse may of undone some of the damage I’ve done in the last ten days 🤷‍♀️. I also used this odd devise that checks my body fat - no idea how it works I felt like I was driving a racing car holding it but it’s supposed to work so we shall see how that goes too!

I’m really focused on what I need to do, my breathing is always a worry as I just forget to do it but I’m managing to control it, Fridays session put me to the test a bit, I felt like I was the only one wanting to collapse in a heap and a grim sweaty mess but I was happy with what I did, I’m knakered now but I’m pleased!!

I stepped out my comfort zone today and struck a pose for jacqui and had my pics done, hats having photos done but it’s all for the bigger picture so I’m looking forward to seeing how much damage I can do to my body in the next 5 weeks!

Elliot Chudleigh