It's good for the soul...

Workouts, or “training” shouldn’t always be so restricted to one thing.


Your moods change, your body changes, work changes, life changes.


How do you keep up?


It’s not always about going in and trying to lift the heaviest weight you can. Sometimes it’s about finding balance and getting through a rough patch. For example, there is not point, literally none, in lifting heavy weights when you’re stressed out to the max because your boss has put loads on.


Each person is different and deals with stress in different ways. But it takes a lot to lift some heavy weights. Your body will be fatigued from it, if you’re not getting the time in the day to get proper nutrition, forget making any progress with your weights. You’ll end up more tired.


You should always work for what is right for your body right at that moment.


This is why running is good for the soul. It gives you time to escape and find your peace to clear your head.


Take time and distance out of the equation. If you just went out and ran at your own pace, however far you wanted to go, no one was watching, what would you do?


You’d probably plod along at whatever pace you wanted, taking in the sights and sounds or getting lost in your favourite playlist.


It makes the run so much more enjoyable.


You don’t need to be aiming to do a 5k, 10k or anything else. Especially not in a certain time.


Run and clear your head.


The moment you talk to anyone about running they always ask how far and how fast?


But who cares?


You went out and ran. Nothing else matters. It’s better than spending the extra half hour in bed, it’s better than spending an extra hour in front the tv of an evening.


Watching tv in the evening only fogs your brain more. Your brain switches off more watching tv than when you’re sleeping.


Therefore when you go to bed and you can’t sleep, because your brain has just been asleep now it wants to think about what you just watched.


So run.


It clears your head.


It makes you look better than if you sat and watched TV.

Elliot Chudleigh