Beat Your Brain

I’m all for having a clear head. You 100% need it. But just because you go to yoga, or you meditate it doesn’t mean you have a clear mind.


It definitely doesn’t mean you should tell other people to slow down or go to yoga too.


A lot of the time people will go because it’s quite cool to say you do yoga. They think they’re clearing their mind. But the things they leave out is that on the way home they got annoyed being stuck in traffic, get in and shout at the kids till they go to bed. Then, before going to sleep they play on their phone flicking through social media.


But apparently this whole time the yoga helps to stay calm…


I think you should try and cut out the rubbish that you don’t need from your mind for sure. But it doesn’t mean you should have a slow mind or brain.


I like having a fast paced brain. I like waking up early on a Sunday, my one day to lay in.


I like having things to get up for, goals to achieve and things I want to do in my life.


I do not want to slow that down at all. I don’t want to try and go slow.


But I do want less clutter in my head.


Yes, yoga is good for many different reasons. But saying you go to yoga to clear your head, but yet you stay up late flicking through your IG stories does not lead to good sleep and therefore not a clear head.


It’s like going to the gym only to have a box of Krispy Kreme as your post workout meal.


If you want to clear your head, run.


Or even lift heavy things.


It’s whatever works for you. Clearing your head does not mean feeling like you could go to sleep. I don’t like sleep, if I could work off 4 hours sleep that would be my dream.


This is where people see running as too much of a chore.


Run not only to make yourself healthier and fitter, run to clear your head. Your pace does not matter, your distance does not matter, your style does not matter. Just get out and run, then you can worry about other bits later.


There is too much of certain things attached to health and fitness areas.


Yoga = clears your mind


Weights = vanity reasons


Running = training for a race


Why can’t it be that you just start these things without feeling the pressure to look or act a certain way that everyone else does when they start this?  

Elliot Chudleigh