Sonya's Story

Half term ... all the boys want to do is stuff their face I swear to god!  Hats off to me though it’s Wednesday and I haven’t had one bit of cake or hit one drive through, this in itself is a huge achievement!  

This mornings session was bloody horrendous (in a good way lol).. the dreaded hiit did me in once again, my limbs won’t move on their own accord and I’m gasping for air like my life depends on it, I got myself in a tiz yet again as I don’t like the feeling of being out of control , a bit of fresh air and a talking too and I’m all good again.dickhead. 

Just had my weigh and measure, nearly 4lb off and 9cms in 2 weeks... all the blood sweat and tears is worth it ... especially as I’m seeing body parts that have remained a mystery for some years 🤦‍♀️.

Friyayyy ... so took my elder boy with me today so he could watch mumma in action, what a shit show today, I had so much trouble gripping with my left hand and kept dropping hand weights, fine with bar just the hand weights which is very odd as never been an issue before, jacqui explained I could have a knot or nerve problem in my shoulder- I’m thinking  laying on a beautician bed with my head in a hole for over 2 hours yesterday may have a part to play - lashes look cracking though!! The hiit as always does me in , trapped wind and kettle bell swings are not a good combo I can tell you!!

So I’m going into the weekend a bit pissed off with myself that I couldn’t do what I know I can ! Hey ho new week next week I’ll try and work that knot out and see what happens!!!

Elliot Chudleigh