Sonya’s Story Part 6

Monday mornings class was a busy one but good atmosphere and always good tunes blasting out! Throw me a few cocktails and I’d b well away to busting some moves even at that hour!

Felt good after today’s session, love working with the weights it’s where I’m more comfortable, tried a strict press with a bar, found this a little trickier and was very aware of my bingo wings flapping in the wind so did these rather quickly ! I have step ups on my programme, using a 24inch box does scare me as I have to throw my stumps up there but it does hurt my dodgy hip so I was given mountain climbers as an alternative.. nothing like legs flying and ass rebounding off the roof to set anyone up for the day!

With Xmas coming up and my negative mood and bad habits I’ve decided a royal kick in the ass is required so I’ve committed to trying the hit class Tuesday night 🤷‍♀️... I’m sure this will crucify me but I have my dress in mind and I don’t want to feel like such a whale in it.. scary how fast it’s Crept round!

So I did my first retro hit class Tuesday, as per my dickhead mode I was very nervous before I went , there were a few lovely ladies there went I got in so this put me at ease... so lil shout out to those ladies!!

I love my tunes on and there was some bloody crackers belting out. The class itself was hard, due to my top heavy frame shall we say there were a couple of moves I struggled with but I adapted them... I was then informed by Jacqui we would work on this at 6am tomorrow morning - yes you read that right.. 6am. Nuts!  As horrendously worn out I was I bloody loved it and would highly recommend it!!

... tip though, a tena lady may be required 😂.

Fridays training but just brutal ... I hurt from hit, I’ve yanked a muscle in my calf and I’m just tired lol. I’ve done an odd shift at work this week and a class so I just feels like this week was never going to end! Jacqui was on my case big time this morning , I smiled my way through it but geez!  A minute of squat jumps when my legs are like lead weights from this week .. I actually wanted to cry 😢... I got through it along with the rest of the training.  I’m really rather pleased with my work this week, I’m being weighed on Monday so that should interesting, I know I’ve been busting my balls so I need to focus on measurements as well as the weight so we shall see. I can’t do anymore than I am .. i just don’t want to feel deflated... been there and don’t like it! We shall see !!

Elliot Chudleigh