Sonya's Story Part 4

Omg how cold is it suddenly!! Getting up at daft o’clock and scraping off my windscreen was not the most pleasant start to my day!


I missed training Monday which I hate hate doing but I had a poorly little person and sometimes they need me more than my bubble butt does!


Wednesday’s session ... there were a few of us in this morning which is rare, it meant Jacqui had someone else to pick on as well as me, I worked my wobbly butt hard as usual came away a sweaty mess... normally I feel good today not so, I know I’m putting all the work in but there are days when I just feel ughhh, I’m still fasting in the mornings so I’m finding I am needing more caffeine to pick me up which isn’t ideal but probably the lesser of two evils ., the other being a huge bacon roll of course 🤦‍♀️ so I’ll stick with coffee.


Fridays session, I really enjoyed today... all the stuff I couldn’t do last week that had a hissy fit over I smashed this morning, I did a deadlift with 55 kilos, last week i physically couldn’t budge it. I’m not if it’s a mind over matter thing but today I just bashed them out and don’t tell Jacqui but I think I could of gone a bit heavier 💪🏻.


I was trying to explain to Jacqui that as a human and a hormonal one at that I’m going to have good days and bad... I always try my best but I have found this week a bit of an emotional and tough on, I did grab a bag of nuts last night (kp kind) and I felt like shit afterwards but it was my mood at the time and I went with it, I think I need to allow myself that from time to time or I’ll be a grumpy old bag.  That said after today I’m feeling really good so reset button in place!

Elliot Chudleigh