1 hour to change your body

Try this today...

They say you manifest your thoughts.


I truly believe it.



Because it really annoys me when you wake up, or you make it into work, or you have a client come in and the first words they say are… “I’m tired today.”



Of course you’re then gonna make yourself tired. Plus it brings me down with you 



You know what it’s like when you get in from having the kids all day and your other half is in and they’ve had a bad day at work. 


It brings the whole mood of the house down.



But the same is with your exercise right?



If you say you’re tired today, you’re not gonna work out.



If you say it in your head and to everyone else around you that you’re feeling good today. BAM!



You’re gonna have a good day and you’ll workout.



Try it out today. I bet you’ll have a good day from it.



That’s why I always love it when people come in and when I ask if they’re feeling strong today they reply, “Hell YEAH!!” (it’s never that American, I would like it if they were sometimes).


Today, that’s your mission. Positive thinking and see what a difference it makes when you’re at the gym tonight.

Elliot Chudleigh