5 fat loss top tips

There is no need to overcomplicate something that shouldn’t be complicated at all.


All you gotta do is keep it simple and you will be able to achieve anything that you want. But it’s sticking to these simple rules that I’m about to show you.


The first thing I want you to do before you read any further is think about why you actually want to lose weight.


I know people go on about this all the time, but really why do you want to lose weight?


I want you to think deeper than what you’re usually thinking. Don’t think about how you would like to look nice for this weekend coming up. Think bigger, why do you want to look good this weekend?


Who for? What do they get from it?


What do you get from it?


Do you not already look good?


What and really why do you want to change?

The 5 steps


Once you’ve got this deep in your thought, you’ll be able to achieve any fat loss goal you want. Really it’s simple.


1.     Your deep goal should be somewhere or something you see daily or a few times per day. 

You’re not going to achieve your goal by thinking about it every other weekend when you want to go out. You’re not going to achieve it if every now and then you thought “oh wouldn’t it be nice.” 

Have something you can look at every single day that will make a difference. Print a picture of it (if it’s a dress for example) and stick it everywhere you can see it several times a day. 

2.     Cut the crap. 

Stop kidding with yourself about how much you eat. Stop kidding to yourself about having one doughnut won’t make the difference. Stop saying you’ll start next week. 

Cut out all of your excuses. Pinch yourself every time you start coming up with an excuse and then you’ll associate that thought with pain. 

3.     Don’t listen to the crap.

Listen to what I have to say ONLY! 

Stop reading something else where it says you should do this or you shouldn’t do that. 

There are a million ways to lose fat. It doesn’t mean you should do all of them at once. 

There are a million different ways to make a million pounds. It doesn’t mean you need to be competing with Amazon, Facebook, Apple and John Lewis by doing a bit of everything they do all at the same time. 

Do one thing and do it well!

4.     Simple energy in vs energy out. 

Move more than you’re sitting in the day. 

There is no excuse saying you have a desk job or anything else that you can come up with. 

Sit on a swiss ball if you’re sat down all day. Get up every half an hour and go on a little walk. Get a Fitbit and track your steps every day. 10,000 minimum per day. 

Get up early or stay up a little later to make sure you get them in. 

5.     Eat less of what you know is bad. 

I’m not going to even patronise you and list the foods. You already know. There is enough out there on social media, websites, blogs, google, shops the list goes on.

Food labels even have the traffic light system. 

Less reds in the day and your job is done. 

You know you should have less carby crap and less sugar. So get on and just do it.



So stick to these 5 things.



Keep. It. simple.

Elliot Chudleigh