Anxiety, what is it really?

Definition: Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, worry and unease about something with an uncertain outcome. 

 It leads to avoiding situations that cause the feeling. The only thing is with avoiding the situation is it reinforces the feeling because you end up not going and then just thinking about it. The worst case scenario in 99% of these anxious occasions is that you avoid the situation. This achieves more worry. 

Anxiety is a lot like training a muscle. You have to be consistent and focused to get results. You have to experience the uncomfortable feelings to learn from them and become stronger. Do not fear failure, without failure is without progression and self-growth. When you train a muscle to grow, the science is you break it down and then it adapts by growing back stronger to be able to handle the challenge more effectively the next time. Very much is the same with tackling things in your mind and learning from experiences. 

 It’s not easy and that why statistics show 1/5 people are affected. It is also not impossible to get through it, even so it may seem like it is as times. Stay present and focused and notice when your mind wonders then come back to being present again.  

Try the app ‘Headspace’ to help with anxiety. It’s very helpful.

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Have you ever said in your life “I like a challenge”? If you have then great. If not, then now is the time to adopt that phrase. It is a big challenge to overcome it, but accept that challenge. You will get stronger and stronger the more you try! I promise.  

Think of the last thing that made you feel anxious. It could come from thinking of going to the gym, or talking to someone or anything that triggered it, everyone has a personal trigger. Do the challenge. Go and do it again and again and feel yourself take small steps in the right direction. After each time, review how it went, what went well and what could have been better.  

There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs” 

– Take small steps and you will get there. 

A lot of anxiety comes from caring way too much about things.  It is good to care about things don’t get me wrong, but when it gets to the point of obsessing over the thought of it then it becomes controlling and unhealthy for you. Most things that you think about won’t even happen and are definitely not worth worrying about ‘what if’. 

How do you want to be? Have a vision of that, it is very important. Visualise yourself the way you want to be, the optimal version of yourself. How would that version of yourself think, talk, walk, eat and sleep. Visualise it and obsess with being that, it is much more worth your time and energy obsessing of that rather than anxiety. 

“You are what you pretend to be”. 


Life does not happen to you, it happens for you. Take from every single day and grow from it. These anxious feeling are all opportunities to learn and grow on your personal mission to find yourself.  

Elliot Chudleigh