Commit to the long term

They say success leaves clues, so why don’t you follow them?


If you’re looking to lose fat, then do exactly as someone tells you who has been in that position or who has researched and learnt it.


If you want to put on muscle, do the exact same thing.


It doesn’t make sense when people make decisions that will make their life harder. If you want to lose fat its simple. Follow the guidance of someone then you will achieve.


And straight away your mind is saying, “but, what about…”


Exactly, that’s why you won’t lose fat.


The but.


If you’re putting a but before anything, change your goals.


In reality it doesn’t matter what your goal is. If you think you’re over weight and you want to lose fat, amazing. Do it.



If you find yourself saying you want to lose fat but… change your goal. You don’t really want to lose fat.


Don’t use a but.


It takes hard work. And there is nothing you can do to skip around that.


For example, if you want to lose 5% body fat in 4 months, you have a holiday coming up, then you chuck in a but.  


That’s fine. Change your goal to suit only 1% body fat reduction in four months and be super pleased with that. As long as you never use a but.


You don’t have to try and go for the biggest goal all the time.


Unless you’re super competitive (a lot of people say they are but aren’t really) then chill out and take it step by step.


There is no need to go full throttle. You don’t get in a car and smash your foot to the floor (unless you’re a 17 year old lad), the same goes for your health and fitness.


But expect your goals to take a longer period of time and don’t think you will do something for 2 months. It’s a commitment to the long term.


Nothing is ever achieved in two months or even three.


Again (relating it to driving), it probably took you a good six months to learn to drive. So expect the same for your health and fitness.


If you see it as a quick fix, you won’t get anything out of it.


So take a step back, don’t use a but, use your long term commitment.

Elliot Chudleigh