Do you feel cool?

Most people set themselves up for failure in the gym before they’ve even started.


Others do the right thing and make sure from the off they are gonna achieve their goal.


Yes, it is in the way you talk, the way you say you will do something. As opposed to say you’re “going to try”.


But, it’s also in what you do. If you want to start your health and fitness journey and you decide to not buy any new gym clothes just in case you don’t like it… you’ve already failed.


One of the things which I hate seeing in the gym is people walking round in their husbands’ old t-shirts. You know, the ones that are too big for them because they’re trying to hide.


Two things I think when I see that.

1.     I want to help that person because I always see they have no confidence and they want to hide away. And I know I can help them.

2.     They need to change.


I completely get it that you don’t want to draw attention to yourself when you walk in the gym. I think the exact same thing. I can’t stand it when other people are there to show off.


But, I think there are better ways…


The whole point of working out is to make yourself feel better about yourself, right?


But when you dress in something that is completely not flattering is gonna make you feel terrible. It’s not going to make you want to go to the gym at all.


It’s all grey


There is nothing less inspiring than seeing pictures of people working out in old gym gear. When you look at all these videos of people working out on the beach, in an amazing gym, or a fitness model, they all wear nice gym clothing.


They make themselves feel good.


I don’t ever see anything wrong when women wear make up to the gym. If it’s going to make them feel good when they are working out to do something that makes them feel good, goal achieved.


The better you feel about something the more you will do it.


You never go on a night out and remember the time that you were chucking up from too much alcohol.


You remember the fun times before you brought it all back up.


Therefore, you want to go on a night out again. It makes you feel good getting dressed up, having drinks and being with your friends.


You wouldn’t go out in your husbands’ old clothes wearing 20 year old trainers, just in case you have a bad night out and you don’t want to go out again.


Why can’t your workout be exactly the same?


Get dressed up in some cool new Nike gear. Work out with your friends, have a laugh while doing it. Enjoy an amazing smoothie or juice that you’ve earnt after your workout.


Make it a social thing and it becomes something you’ll want to do over and over again.


Don’t live your life in oversized grey.

Elliot Chudleigh