Everyone has a wish, but not everyone has a goal…

Everyone has goals and wishes.


They wish they could win the lottery, they wish they could wear what they want, they wish they could do what they want when they want.


But not everyone really has a goal…


When I meet people and ask “what’s your goal?”


The generic answer is to lose weight and tone up.


But that’s a generic wish.


Your goal is something you know you’re going to achieve but it just takes time and a lot of effort.


I love Lamborghini’s…


I know exactly which one I’m gonna get, I know what colour, the colour of the stitching, the colour of the wheels, the colour of the brake callipers. I could draw a picture of it right now.


If I was to ask someone else what their goal was, I can already tell by the way they tell me that they’re not going to achieve it.


In a few ways


1.     They use negative or downgrading words and phrases

2.     They don’t know what it looks like

3.     They don’t know how or when to make it happen


Everyone uses negative words all the time. It winds me up a treat!


But when I talk to someone they say that “they’d like to get to 11 stone” for example. But already that means they’re not going to do it and they have read they should weigh that somewhere.


The moment someone uses those words I know they wish they weighed that weight and they’re not going to work for it.


The other way is that people don’t know what their goal is. If you don’t know what your goal is then what are working for?


As I said I know exactly how my Lambo will look down to the stitching and the feel of the flappy paddle shifters.


But I can’t ever help anyone who doesn’t know where the end goal is. If it is to lose weight or look better, show me someone you want to look like.


Then you can set proper realistic goals about when you can achieve it.


Otherwise how do you know when you will achieve your goal?


The last way is you don’t know how to make it happen. Which is exactly our job right?




It’s your job as much as it is ours.


You know it is going to take a lot of hard work. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say you can come in and we can talk you fit.


You’ve gotta work consistently with it.


Exactly the same as you treat your children.


I’ve said about the way you look at your food should be the same as you say you your kids, but the same is with your work ethic to your goals.


When your kid is learning to walk, do the SATs or their GCSE’s you don’t say to them do it for an hour or two a week and you’ll get good grades or be able to walk first time.


They do it hour on hour time and time again.


They may not like it, but you know it’s good for them.


The same is with your health and fitness goals (remember goals not wishes), you’ve gotta put in the hard work time and time again.


It’s a common theme for anything you do.


You wanna look good, put in more hours than anyone else.


You want a nice house, put in more hours than anyone else.


You want to drive a Lambo (), put in more hours than anyone else.


The formula is easy, just stick to it.

Elliot Chudleigh