Find Your Flow State

Music will increase your ability to workout harder and push that little bit more, but it will also increase your happiness in a workout by 28%.


The study also found that people who listen to a podcast enjoyed their workout by 13% more.


But I think music has a bigger affect on your whole health and fitness experience. I believe that you work out much better by not having music that you would usually listen to.


I love a wide variety of music. And people say that all the time, but I really do love listening to anything from Nirvana and ACDC to Carl Cox to Tupac and Biggie Smalls.


But my favourite workout music is some heavy rock or heavy rap. I’m not one of these types who thinks they need to listen to something aggressive at all, but I just find this music keeps me locked into it as opposed to a big dance track where I literally want to dance around instead.


I think the music needs to keep you locked in and keep you engaged in the task at hand.


I also believe that you then associate the music with working out. So if you have your favourite track on which you usually listen to at home on a Friday night as your pouring yourself a glass of wine and dancing around the kitchen, then you’ll think about that when working out.


I’m a big believer in associations. You shouldn’t ever do any work in bed, you shouldn’t do a workout at home (unless you have to), you shouldn’t do things in rooms where it is mainly associated with something different.


If for example you’re in the gym and your favourite track comes on the speakers your mind switches to the night out, the drinks or whatever was happening for that track to become your favourite.


I believe music makes a massive difference to the feel of a workout and how much you’ll get out of it.


But that includes everything from your own workout, to a class, to yoga, to cool down music. Anything.


You don’t need to do the stereotypical thing of listening to high tempo upbeat workout music when lifting heavy. If it keeps you in the zone when lifting heavy weights listening to Ludovico Einaudi, perfect. There are and have been great boxers who would listen to classical before a fight as it relaxes them and stops muscles tightening up.


So break the norm and find your flow state for your music in your workout.

Elliot Chudleigh