“I’m gonna do that when…”

You hear that all the time.


Especially in the gym…


… “I’m gonna buy this dress when I am a size…”


… “I’m gonna start wearing a bikini when…”


What’s going to change when you are that size?


Nothing right.


Sure, you’re going to feel better.


But why can’t you wear that not. It’s not about the end target. That will always change. Why can’t you be happy with where you are now?


Now is like Christmas eve.


When you were a kid Christmas eve was almost more exciting than Christmas. You were so hyped up wondering what you would wake up to the next day.


The hype from the previous 23 days to that day is insane. All through school, any parties, what you wear is all Christmas themed.


It’s the most exciting bit that you almost wish you could hold on to that feeling.


Christmas day comes, and you’re amazed, but the feeling of excitement is never as much as the previous day.


This is the same as your journey.


The feeling you should have knowing that tomorrow you’re going to be better than today.


The day after you’re going to be better again.


Every day your better and closer to your first goal.


So be happy of where you are knowing that you are better than where you were yesterday.


Be blissfully dissatisfied. Happy with where you are knowing you are going to be better.


To know this year you have come back off a holiday not happy with where you are, but you don’t do anything to change for next year.


Your fault. Your problem that you only have yourself to blame.


Whereas if you have come off your holiday not happy and you do something about it for next year.


You should be proud.


Live for the now and work for tomorrow.

Elliot Chudleigh