The worlds best cookbook you already know

I’m not a fan of a diet.



I completely get how hard it is.



I’m always amazed at anyone who can sustain a diet for any length of time.



You’ve got amazing will power and determination if you can hold on to your diet for any period. I’m super impressed.



But it’s a hard thing, a lonely place, which no one else gets and even respects…



But that can change.



You don’t need to be on a diet.



You feel like you’re constantly saying no to everything feeling like you’re trapped by yourself no where to go.


The other week I tried the 16:8 intermittent fasting plan. Even though that isn’t so much a diet because you can use it for the next two months or 20 years, I couldn’t do it.



You’ve gotta know your body.



If you’re a morning person who likes to eat in the morning… don’t do the 16:8.



If you’re not a morning person and you don’t like eating in the morning… do the 16:8.



It should be a simple easy thing for you to just not eat crap. There is no need to be following a diet where you need sins and whatever other crap they come up with.



Just have more control over what you buy. And get everyone else around you on board with it otherwise no matter what diet you do and get good results, you’ll put it all back on.



You know what Tony Robbins says, “if you want to take the island, burn the boats.”



If you want to lose fat, burn the crap.



Don’t buy any shit food that you know is gonna do you no good. It just doesn’t make sense. I’m not going to sit here and write about what you should or shouldn’t be doing on a diet, most of the time people know.



I’m not going to insult your intelligence like most people are doing.



Don’t have a brown plate, don’t eat a chocolate bar every day, don’t drink alcohol during the week… but people still do it?!?!?



The best way to look at your own diet is exactly how you would treat your kids. No chocolate during the week, no fizzy drinks during the week, eat your three meals per day, have a breakfast before school.



So why don’t you do exactly as you preach?



Follow your kids diet and you’ll be fine.



Keep it simple then you’ll stop putting on fat and start losing it instead.



The world is already over run with crazy diets and weird cookbooks that tell you to buy the most expensive ingredients in the world, prepare food 10 months in advance and never consume too much vitamin B12.



And you believe it.


The best cook book is the one at the top of the page…

Elliot Chudleigh