We have some bad news for you Miss…

If you went to the doctor and he said you have a heart condition. You can do something about it and survive or you will have a year to live.


You would do anything you can to do it right?


But I don’t get it when people don’t treat anything else with their body with the same get up and go.


If I said, you can have a six pack and toned arms next summer. Would you do anything about it?


Most of the time, no.


Because it’s not life threatening and it’s not an instant thing.


Which with the way the world is, everything needs to happen yesterday.


The moment you have to work hard for a year for something, is the moment you give up.


I don’t think it will be too long before some scientist is working on a way to speed up the time of pregnancy.


It just baffles me how there is a step by step process for everything and anything you could ever want, but people don’t listen to the advice and make the most of it.


There is no such thing as luck, no such thing as it only happens to some.


You just have to get your head down and get on with it.


If you want a six pack for next year, really, I don’t care what your size is right now, you can have one.


Sure you can get into the details of something physiological stopping you. But even still work around it.


There is no excuse, and that’s all it is an excuse. You could give to not be in the shape you want to be next year.


Sure you may get injured, but do it right and you won’t.


Last week I wrote a blog about having only 4,000 weeks of your life.


So if you’re 38, you only have 2,000 weeks left.


Not that many.


So why don’t you see that as a drive to get up and make a difference, so you can have 2,500 weeks or push it to 3,000 weeks?


Stop looking


Now people will actively look for an excuse to give themselves a reasoning for not doing something.




Use anything you have as a drive to smash through it!


Again, if you were told you had a heart condition you would do something about it. you wouldn’t sit around and wait for it to take over.


You don’t need to look for an excuse of why you’re fat.


Your thyroid is fine, your legs work well, and your arms are good.


Even if they’re not, I’ve met a ton of people who have a physical disability who smash through it and make a difference.


Stop coming up with any excuse and stop looking for someone to agree with you and confirm your reasoning to why you’re fat.


Make a difference.

Elliot Chudleigh