What to do if you don’t like breakfast?

Breakfast isn’t for everyone. I don’t get it when people in the fitness industry say you need to be eating breakfast.


If you don’t want to, and it’s just not for you don’t force it.


There is no point trying something that’s gonna make you feel sick. What a bad way to start each day.


So what do you do because you hear it everywhere that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”


You can go against the traditional cereal or toast for breakfast and try something different like a shake.


Or you can skip it all together and do intermittent fasting.


Shake it out


Shakes are now all the trendy thing.


Everyone loves to say they’re having their breakfast shake. Everyone loves to walk into work after their morning workout with their shake in hand, it becomes the talking point of the office (of course after they’ve instagrammed it).


There are always two reasons why people don’t have breakfast…


1.     Time

2.     They don’t like it.


With a shake if you don’t have time, that’s cool there are so many different options out there you can do now. M&S do amazing shake pouches. Literally cut the top off, add your liquid and you’re good to do.


Sainsburys do a wide variety of frozen berries and different things to put in the shake. Pretty much anywhere you can get all the ingredients.


If time is holding you back, use one of the quick steps for it.


People will say “ooh you should be having fresh fruit and veg in there!” Just tell them to shut it. It doesn’t matter that much. It matters more that you’re getting some good food into a shake.


The only thing with a shake, it’s your mind that will hold you back from all the possibilities.


You can put literally anything and everything (that you think will taste good) in them.


And experiment with the liquid. Use water, milk, almond milk, coconut milk, anything you want.


But what to do if you don’t like anything in the morning?




Don’t eat anything.


Just do the 16:8 lean gain intermittent fasting plan (I’ve given it all those words for effect ).


This plan you fast for 16 hours and you feed for 8 hours. The easiest way to do it is fast for the 8 hours you’re asleep then you only have to endure 8 hours when you’re awake of hunger.


So if you don’t like breakfast it means your first meal will be at 12 midday for example and your last meal will be at 8pm. Simple.


During the 8 hours of feeding you get in the same amount of calories you would do on any other day (result).


When you wake up it means you can crack straight on with your day and not worry about prepping breakfast and eating it at all.


Plus, this plan is so so good because it will make you lose more fat.


Yep, that’s why they call it the lean gain diet.


Boring science bit coming up… (or not so boring)


Your body stops producing a hormone called insulin after 8-12hours of your last feed. When insulin is present it will encourage the breakdown of the food you have consumed to be stored as fat. Therefore, making it hard to use the stored fat as a source of energy.


But, don’t hate on insulin.


You need it! insulin tells the cells to open up and absorb the food you have consumed (proteins as amino acids, fats as fatty acids and carbohydrates as glucose). Therefore the body can function, the energy is delivered to the right cells (in the muscles and as storage of energy).


So you need insulin.


Why 16:8?


This food plan then works wonders. You are giving your body everything it needs in one plan.


Plus, it’s not a diet plan you can only do for a month. You can do it for the next two months or 20 years.


It’s pretty good.


Try it. it may not work for you. Again, everything you do is down to how your body reacts to it. It’s how your body works with it including your workout routine, your morning routine and your running round after the kids routine.


Give both a go and play around tweak bits.

Elliot Chudleigh