Life Is Simple

I truly believe everything in life is easy.


If I were to ask you to walk along with your hands on your head… easy.


If I asked you to add 2 and 3 together you would say… 5 (hopefully).


Because you have learnt it. It becomes easy. Ask your two year old for simple addition and they wouldn’t know. Tell a 6 month old to walk and its impossible.


The same goes for everything else you try and do.


For example, getting up and going to the gym. To start off with really hard, but ask someone who has been doing it for the past 10 years and its easy.


The moment I tell you to stop eating so much crap you would say it’s really hard and you must be the person struggling the most in the whole entire world. But ask someone who has been eating healthy for the past 10 years, easy.


Just because you are starting out its gonna be hard. But it doesn’t mean people haven’t been in your situation.


You really are not that special that no one else gets it.


You are not the only person in the world who struggles. It’s hard waking up early to workout. Whoever you are whatever your background there isn’t a day when you wish you could press snooze.


I have never woken up and thought “yippee, it’s 4:30 time to work out I can’t wait!!”


I always want to switch the alarm off and spend more time in bed. But the knock-on effect of that is I will feel terrible about myself, lack energy, confidence, health along with a load of other things.


So if you are struggling with your food, your fitness or whatever else it is. Don’t think that you are that precious and that special for no one else to understand. It doesn’t come easy to everyone else and there are people struggling a lot more than you are.


So get up and kick some ass, you’ll thank me later.  

Elliot Chudleigh