God is a DJ (and a trainer)...

The music you listen to when working out makes a huge huge difference to how much you work out and how hard you push yourself.


Everyone has their own music they like to work out to. And it always ends up an uncomfortable question when you ask someone what they listen to. They’ll squirm and avoid the question as much as they can.


But I think you need to go against what you would typically listen to.


If you don’t like the music in your gym, then it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because you associate that music with working out.


If you’re always listening to your favourite track you get put off, you start thinking about the night out, the time at home listening to it or your favourite summer day when it came on. Whereas if you always associate music to the place (i.e. the gym) then you will always put the associate with working out.


For example, any time you see a red sign on the roads, you take notice of it because more often than not you associate the red with danger. The same is with music and working out.


Nothing should disrupt your flow when you’re working out. This is your time so make sure you don’t have texts coming through, Instagram can wait till after the session and not much will change on Facebook in that time.


Anyway, back to the music, as long as the music is upbeat and keeps you working through your workout then it’s a good to workout with. As long as it keeps you on the work out in front of you then it’s done it’s job.


So like it or not it will serve you far better than jamming along to your favourite Steps song when lifting a heavy squat.

Elliot Chudleigh