Does your car say much about your body?

You know you always hear that thing, “treat your body as your car. If you only had one car in your lifetime how would you treat it” type thing.


I completely agree. You need to look after your body as much as you would if you really did have one car that would have to last you a lifetime.


But what car would you go for?


Now this isn’t what car represents you, but what car would you choose?


I would personally be a Range Rover. They’re cool, they’re quick, they’re comfy, they’ll go anywhere, and they’re well built.


If that was to reflect in a body, I would have to say it would be an all rounded body. Someone who can run, lift, bike, stretch, swim, dance… you name it you can do it.


But everyone wants to try and be a Lamborghini or a Ferrari or some elegant classic car. That’s cool but it’s not practical.


Let’s relate a Ferrari to a body… good looking, fast, lots of power, requires a lot of fuel, will cost you an arm and a leg trying to maintain the good looks and get new tyres.


Really a body of someone who is strong and looks good but can’t do too much else because they spend all their time on themselves and any money they have goes into fuel (food/supplements), tyres (clothing), or car cleaning (looking good).


The Ferrari, although an amazing car, is incredibly brittle. They don’t like driving in the cold, they don’t like being in traffic (especially older ones), they’re too precious for you to take where someone will park within 5 metres of you.


Again, your body… when you reach a point with your body where you want a six pack, you want to look ripped and defined, it takes a lot of work. It will also take a lot of work to maintain where you are. Side effect naturally of less body fat is of course you’ll feel the cold more. If you’re stuck in “traffic” (laying on a beach/in the sun/at a bar) you will twitchy and want to move.


Whereas let’s go back to our trusty Range Rover. You can take it anywhere and it will always look good and perform well…


So although you can have an amazing car (body) that looks amazing and is quick and strong in a straight line (fast and strong on a bench press), it doesn’t mean that it’s a car (body) you would choose for everyday life. And it’s not a car (body) a significant other will always want as a Ferrari looks dated quickly. But a Ranger Rover goes on for years with class.


Be a Range Rover!!

Elliot Chudleigh