Be Relentless

Most of the time people want a body that they can be so proud of. They want a six pack, defined arms and legs and to walk along the beach and feel people take notice of them in a good way.


The best way to do that… be relentless.


Cut out the alcohol, cut out your excuses, give up any crap and don’t even try to sneak in cheat meals.


But most of the time people won’t do that. You don’t want to give up all these things. Yet when I talk to you, you want all the rewards as above.


So make your mind up.


Be relentless or be consistent.


You can have a body to be proud of and defined arms, legs and stomach. But it won’t be anything like you see on all these cover models.


That just doesn’t sound sexy though. Work hard to look mediocre.


But that is exactly what you are saying.


Either step up and be relentless with everything you eat and every workout session.


Or be mediocre.


The moment you don’t want to be mediocre is the moment you stop being consistent. Without consistency you’re going no where.


You never say to your child to go to school only a few days a year. Or do your maths once a week and you’ll get a good grade.


The consistent work produces good results.


If your child wants to become a genius, then they too have to become relentless.


Your choice, be consistent or be relentless. Anything else is pointless turning up for.

Elliot Chudleigh