Spice Up Your Life... And Your Work Outs

They say people are happiest when moving forward. When solving a problem and when working towards something.


The same is said for your workouts.


It doesn’t need to be that you have a definitive goal you must achieve. If you’re doing it to keep fit, stop yourself from getting fatter or to stay healthy, amazing they’re great “goals”.


But things will get boring. So what do you do when they get boring and you lose the love for the gym, your workouts or your own health.


Simple. Switch UP!!


Do something different. I don’t mean you have to start rock climbing or find a new sport. But try something different in the gym.


The gym is and should always be a social place. If you find you’re in there by yourself lifting weights and not knowing what you’re doing while losing the love. Find someone who wants to either lift with you or find something else to try.


It’s always seen in the gym that when you start you have to do the obligatory runs on the treadmill because you don’t know what else you are doing. But yet the ones who make a difference are the ones who get off the treadmill and ask for help.


Once you have asked for help, you are shown into a whole new world where anything is possible.


Once you are bored of your current workout take yourself back to that time of jumping off the treadmill and asking for help.


Find gymnastic moves, start running, go to classes or do yoga.


Even if it’s for a few weeks. Try something that will shock your body and make you realise there is so much more to do.


The thing which I always say is that the gym is there to make you look and feel good. But a lot of classes you go into it’s the same thing. Women in their husbands’ t-shirts or in clothes that aren’t going to make themselves feel good.


Get to a class where everyone is going to pick you up. You can wear some cool new gym clothes, feel excited about the up-tempo class and walk out feel refreshed about your new love.


Classes when done right are amazing, they will pick you up, they will spice up your workouts. But a lot of classes will bring you down because its people moaning about how they don’t look how they want, or how their kids were winding them up this morning.




Again, make yourself feel good. Dress up, show up and love the class. Do something up beat that will make you think about how good it is to push yourself.


And please do not just go through the motions of the class, make yourself work. You’re not there for a chat, be there to make a difference.

Elliot Chudleigh