What's Your Bulging Bit?

Everyone has bits that bulge out that they try and push back or cover up.


But it’s having the bulging bits you actually want. A bulging (or peachy) bum, bulging biceps (maybe), or bulging leg muscles.


Do you ever have one of those times where you go shopping, find something really nice, try it on and find out it makes your back-fat bulge over the top?


You then say “oh that’s not right for me…” when in reality you wish you could get into it.


The same goes for when going to the gym. You go to Nike or Sweaty Betty and get something trendy to wear to the gym to make yourself feel cool and look good. Once you try it on, you remember that all gym stuff is ‘suck you in, don’t let anything move tight’.


So you end up going back to the baggy t-shirt or vest that is long enough to cover your bum.


Don’t you wish you could wear something to the gym or even just out for an evening and not feel there are bits that you have to cover up?


There are three simple steps you can take to beat the bulge.


1.     Work out
A simple one for you to start right now! You don’t need any equipment, you don’t need new gym gear, you can do it in your pj’s.

To lose your bulging bits you need to lose the fat. In the simplest way of saying it… energy in vs energy out. Really, it’s that simple.

Move more, eat less.

There aren’t any specific areas you can target with losing fat, so therefore take the really good reward, lose fat all over. Then you don’t have to worry about bra bulging, muffin tops or covering up.

2.    Know your body type and shop smart
Speaking from when you go to the gym, dress to impress. Dress in something that is complimentary to your figure, you never know who you’re gonna meet in the gym 😉.

If you want to be on trend and wear some leggings that are really vibrant with a super cool print, do it. But wear them well.

Know your body shape and type, don’t buy things to then have to buy extra things to cover up. Use that as your motivation to not have to cover up and wear it with pride.

3.     Be disciplined
The hardest one….

A question people ask all the time is how do you stay so motivated?

Motivation will only get you so far. When motivation fails discipline prevails.

It’s forming the habits that will carry you through. There will always be an excuse you can come up with. Don’t Be Lazy. Nothing comes from sitting on the sofa watching crap, something comes from working out and seeing a change.

Nothing comes from eating a tub of ice cream on a Saturday night, more comes going out and wearing a backless dress


 Follow the three rules to live by, you will beat and bulging bits you have.  Download you’re work out plan ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Elliot Chudleigh