Who are you?

There are so many stereotypes in the gym. But you see a few of them more than others…

The lifting type. Guys wear the vests that show their nipples (even though they don’t have the bodies to show their nipples). The girls wear tiny shorts (showing their bum cheeks) and walk around shoulders broad looking quite intimidating to any other woman (or man) wanting to try lifting weights.

The Yoga type. They don’t ever walk anywhere, they glide. They all flow in and make everything they do seem effortless. They all wear the linen trousers and they never seem to be in a rush because everything will just happen in their time.

The serious runner type. They’ll go in to the gym, put their towel on the treadmill they want to use then go off and start using the foam roller, doing their stretches all while watching their treadmill to make sure no one else goes on it. Once they are on their treadmill, they do not get off it even when a fire alarm goes they wait until they really have to because they are dripping in that much sweat nothing could harm them.

I think the best type is to literally be different to all of them. I respect the guys who go into the gym and lift some heavy ass weights while wearing a t-shirt (with sleeves), not grunting and not slamming the weights down.

I also respect the yoga guys who go to yoga after doing a heavy weights set. They say they have to rush off after and they walk to the class and don’t just glide.

Then the runner who will know more about running than just getting on a treadmill and will do accessory movements to improve their running. They will do intervals, fartlek training and won’t just focus on the long slow durations.

But I believe the gym is there to break the rules and have fun with everything you do.

For example, I would love to do more yoga, but I know my mind is too busy for yoga. I can’t sit in there trying to clear my head listening to a gong going off. Two things will happen…

1.I fall asleep

2.I get fed up and have to walk out

I want it to be something I look forward to. And as much as you can say it’s not about the music, it really is about the music. Just because it has been taught a certain way for years and years it doesn’t mean it needs to continue like that.

As I keep saying, your health and fitness is there to make you feel good. If you don’t like it, don’t do it (within reason). When it’s something you can control such as the music, change the track.

I wanna go in and listen to some good beats like….

Or like this to relax me and make me feel good.

With tracks like these I then associate it every time with somewhere happy.

Make yourself feel good by listening to something and making the gym an experience that you remember and not just an hour of your day. Plus, it’s been proven you work much harder without even noticing with your head bopping along to a good beat, whether that’s in yoga or on a run.

Elliot Chudleigh