Puppy Fat is not Cute For Your Health

I’m all for everybody is beautiful and all that crap.


And I 100% believe it’s not all about weight or your fat stores.


But I cannot see how people don’t see how it’s about health. And yes, that does then relate to your fat stores.


It’s cute on a little puppy all the fat rolls. But what does it say about your health on you?


Check this image…

Credit: http://www.thecenterforprevention.com/visceral-fat/

Credit: http://www.thecenterforprevention.com/visceral-fat/


The left shows a normal healthy heart. The right shows a heart covered in fat. This is visceral fat, which is fat that surrounds your organs.


I will struggle to believe there is someone out there reading this who is not shocked by that. That this person would not jump off the sofa to do something about it NOW.


Sure you can be slightly overweight, you can have some love handles and you can bits on your body you want to change. But there should be no time where your insides look like that.


Don’t let belly fat lead you into a false belief


Just because you don’t have much fat around your stomach, it doesn’t mean that your visceral fat is low. However, if you are holding more fat around your middle, the likely hood is you will have more fat around your organs.


You’ve got to have all round health to avoid any implications.


Visceral fat is also known as active fat as it influences how hormones function in the body. The effects of this can be really, really bad.


To list just a few of the things that high visceral fat causes:

-       Heart attacks

-       Heart disease

-       Type 2 diabetes

-       Raised blood pressure

-       Stroke

-       Cancer

-       Alzheimer’s disease


I wish no one has to deal with any of the above, but now is your chance to think about it.


But if you are eating sugary foods, drinking alcohol, carrying too much stress, eating too much fat not enough protein and being sedentary… then you really need to stop and think what your next 5 or 10 years looks like.


There are simple things you can do to reduce your visceral fat, things you can start today that will make a huge difference to your health.


And before you start thinking of excuses, I want you to print off the picture of this heart and place it in points where you know you are weak.


For example on your car steering wheel, so overtime you think of going through the drive through of McDonalds, you stop and think.


Download your 10 point checklist below to see what you can do to decrease your visceral fat.

Elliot Chudleigh