Can you do weights and cardio on the same day?

There is a common question people always ask.

Can you do weights and cardio on the same day?


To put it simply… YES!!!


The amount of “rubbish” that is fed into the media and printed in some crappy magazine that has nothing to do with health and fitness but telling you that you should do this and shouldn’t do that. OR even the magazines that are health and fitness related feeding you some rubbish about what to do.

Of course, everything depends on your goals and what you want to do, but primarily what you enjoy.


One of the main reasons why people think you shouldn’t do weights and cardio on the same day is that they are counterintuitive. That because you need as many calories to help with the rebuilding of muscles that you shouldn’t do any cardio training with it.

The other reason being that your body is put under a lot of stress when doing weights (or resistance work) that you need the energy and to reduce the stress on your body to let it recover. Whereas doing some cardio will increase the stress on your body and make it harder for you to control and reduce the stress.


Yes, that does all make sense and it is all true. However, that doesn’t mean it is true for everyone. It doesn’t mean that because your friends training program has to be completed like that it doesn’t mean yours should too.

Your body is pout under a lot of stress when completing resistance training, however it is stress that you can work with and you can overcome and help reduce that through various other techniques. Plus, the cardio element that you will be doing will not be an hour long run after (or I would at least hope it wouldn’t be).


Doing resistance training and cardio on the same day is a great thing to do for many different goals. But it all is specific to a goal. There is no point doing as a lot of people in the gym do and just go in, lift some weights and do a run. Put a method to it and everything will make sense.


Resistance training has many many benefits. Especially for fat loss for example, something that generally you wouldn’t think of. Some of the benefits are;

  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased coordination
  • Increases anabolic hormones
  • Increased HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Increase bone density

If the goal is fat loss, then combining resistance training and cardio or more specifically intervals on the same day is the perfect thing to do. Interval training is just the same if not better than doing what everyone is on a hype about at the moment HIIT (high intensity interval training). The benefits of intervals are amazing, from higher burn rate of calories, to less muscle lost during a cardio workout.

Most people generally assume that steady state cardio workouts will waste away your muscles, which again is true as your body starts using protein as a source of energy instead of fats.

Even if your aim is for toning, doing cardio and weights on the same day is ideal. It will keep body fat down and start stripping away the bits of fat that you don’t want. Plus, all the same time it will be helping your muscles tone up. Keep it simple, with 5-10 minutes of intervals at the end of a session.


If you are looking to gain muscle, cardio is not the best answer. Focus on resistance training thoroughly along with your food. After a certain period of lifting, you will end up wanting to strip some body fat that you probably would have gained from increasing your eating. One of the best ways you will find the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger would have done is very slow steady state cardio. So, after a resistance training session spending 20 minutes on a steady state on the treadmill to avoid muscle atrophy.


In short do not be scared and do not believe everything you will read in the media. Cardio and weights can be completed on the same day and have a real positive impact on your training.

Elliot Chudleigh