A Tick Will Change Your Life

When I was young, my mum had a list for everything. Shopping, work tasks, what she needed to do that day, what I needed to do that day. We used to laugh at the rolls and rolls of paper she would get through by listing everything. But did she always get it done?


After realising maybe there was method in her madness, I gave it a try. Now each evening I write myself a list of every single thing I am going to do the next day - wake up (tick), have a coffee (tick), shower (tick) - filled with completely achievable things that I know I will do.

That means I’m in a tick mentality and mentally feeling success so that when “drink 500ml of water” or “meal prep for the next 3 days” or “run 5k” comes up, I’m ready to tick that box and get it done. No second thoughts. It’s on the list so it has to be done.

It also means I get more done in my day because those periods of procrastination disappear. I know what I need to do and exactly when I’m going to do it.

Try writing a list for the next 7 days and see if you get more done. I can guarantee you will be more productive, stay on track with your challenges and achieve your goals quicker.

If not, I’ll give you some of my mums list writing tips for the next week.

Olivia Borham